Chiropractic care


Before seeing Dr. Andy, I had terrible pains in my foot which kept me from doing the activities that I love and was even considering surgery. With just a few visits I felt such releif, I was back in my running shoes in no time. Now I just see him monthly to keep me feeling great!

-Sheri H.

I am a weekend warrior with a lot of old injuries and Dr. Andy keeps my back aligned and pain free so I can enjoy my weekends to the fullest! A childhood injury to my back continued to get worse as I got older and Dr. Andy put me on a treatment program. He told me how to sit and workout correctly, gave me some exciercises to do and now I can enjoy my weekends and be pain free when I get up on Monday morning for work.

-Glen B.

I never believed in Chiropractic and a friend of mine urged me to see Dr. Andy before considering any alternatives. Boy am I glad that I did! After suffering headaches for quite sometime, I decided to see him for treatment. Dr. Andy explainted that my muscles were so tight in my neck and upper back and were causing my migranes. It was partly due my poor posture. Dr. Andy took his time with me as a new patient and explained that it was something that was easily to correct with a few visits. Now months have gone by and I feel so much better that I do not have to rely on meds to make my headache go away.

-Susan C.